#8340302, By Gibroon Scottish Independence - Are you for or against?

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    I'm not a big fan of Alex Salmond but he does have a lot of experience at what he does. Like others have said, compared to other leaders he has actually a bit of sense about him and his policies are generally more thought out than you would think.

    I'm quite amused at some of the comments on here though. If independance did come about the Scottish people would actually be able to vote him out of office if they wanted. We wouldn't be stuck with the podgy pie eater for the rest of history, making him into a leader as crazy as Kim Jong Il that a few here would think would happen.

    Politics and our free and democratic rights are quite minimal anyway. No doubt we have it better than many other countries but we get one vote every 4/5 years, then the government that was voted in basically draws a big fuck off line through their manifestos spouting such lines as " due to economic conditions we can't do the things we said we would do" etc etc etc.

    Personally I'm undecided which way I would vote, purely because there is so much stuff that needs to be addressed.
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