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    @thedaveeyres -

    When I click on the PS3 clan right now I just get a 404 error, lol. :D

    Elite is indeed something of a clusterfark. According to their twitter they are working on fixing the clan 404 thing though, canīt be fun to work at Beachhead right now...

    In other CoD news:

    - I finally found a setup that makes me feel all warm n' fuzzy inside my black semi-camper KDR-whoring heart, and that makes these anti-camper maps feel far more palatable:

    Blind Eye Pro

    Assassin Pro

    Marksman (Or dead silence, depends on how mobile you want to be)

    ACR 6.8 // Silencer // Extended mags

    Specialist strike package

    Bouncing betty

    Portable radar (Prestige unlocked)

    As Dr Evil would put it, Muahahahahaha!

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