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    @bobdebob - I feel as if they wanted to dissuade "camping", indeed. Also, they wanted to prevent "spawn trapping", a.k.a. "Spawn Rape".

    But the problem is that "camping" is an ambiguous term. In the common, derisive, meaning, "camping" means hiding out in a single spot, often abusing terrain to remain unseen, etc.

    The problem is that to fight this, they have also killed off (or at least spayed) perhaps the most enjoyable and skillful form of play, I.e. highly mobile area control. With so many paths open, random luck of the draw becomes powerful enough to start cancelling out map knowledge, skillful movement, etc. to far too large a degree for my tastes.

    Also, randomizing spawns to a larger degree might dissuade spawn rape (something that was mostly a problem with lopsided teams anyways), but it further adds to the "random" or "unfair" feel of gameflow.

    Still, Im getting better at the maps, and its not impossible to play them well, but these Ideas should have been tried out in a map pack before getting to dominate an entire major release.

    I do actually prefer Dome to previous Fustercluck (TM) maps like Rust or Nuke Town, feels more structured than those particular killfests...

    Oh, and if someone from IW reads this (lulz!), for chrissakes, get the reporting of attained objectives for demolition, domination, etc. back into the scoreboard. KDR fetishism is bad enough as it is, no need to make it worse...

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