#7446710, By presh Microsoft buy Skype for $8.5 billion

  • presh 10 May 2011 16:00:41 1,221 posts
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    [Slip] wrote:
    massive data network, Skype pre-installed on all WP7 phones, free phone calls = massively pissed off phone networks but they've had it coming imo.

    If someone like M$ can get this going then it's the next logical stage of digital comms imo.

    I reckon they've bought it for brand name and the potential to increase that brand name into their own products and also to their phones.

    IMHO Skype on WP7 may happen, but won't be done in a way that'll piss of the mobile operators. Without the operators MS wouldn't be able to sell any phones at all, and Nokia is known for working with, rather than against, operators.

    If it was about a mobile VOIP play they could have just bought one of the smaller specialists for much, much less. WP7 has hardly any market share, and adding Skype wouldn't change that.
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