#7722553, By beemoh Things you want to change in the game industry?

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    * This is only really a bit of a re-wording of what has already been said, but: less of the One True Wayism from the games biz, if there's any breakout hit in a new or underserved corner of the market, suddenly everyone has to move in that direction and that direction alone.

    Sometimes it's something that actually happens and affects games design (Overcasualisation after the Wii, every FPS basically being Call of Duty), other times it's simply people saying things and using it to belittle all other games (Hey! Developers making story-driven games, especially indies, and David Cage! You're not allowed to talk any more. Also, anything to do with free-to-play), but either way it's annoying and not really a proper reflection of where gaming is or should be.

    There is not one 'supergame' out there that is going to have six billion players, it didn't happen to the Dreamcast, and it's not going to happen to your game. Find your niche, identify the right business model to cater for it, and leave everyone else alone.

    * The used market to recede to a much more sensible proportion of the overall market

    * Proper mainstream coverage of games to, well, actually happen, which I shouldn't still be asking for in 2011. To a certain extent, gaming as a whole- not just the industry- has brought it on itself, but that isn't an excuse.
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