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    JoeGBallad wrote:
    My first Ridge Racer was the black sheep of the family: RR64. I loved it back then and I'll still defend it to the hilt. It's full of mental drifts that make RR7 look realistic in comparison.

    RR64 kick-started my love of racing games, with the entire Ridge Racer series being my second favourite, after Initial D. Now I own all but RR6 and Rage Racer, in some form or other.

    If I had to pick a favourite, it'd be a toss-up between Ridge Racer 2 (PSP) and Ridge Racer Type 4 (which I genuinely only played for the first time two weeks ago when I bought it on PSN).

    Type 4, in particular, has an atmosphere that no other racing game can touch, with it's beatiful intro, great soundtrack, and weird, semi-plot.

    Delighted to see someone finally mention the magnificent Ridge Racer 64! In my opinion, it is the best game in the series....

    It has superb tracks (including the exclusive Renegade levels), fantastic handling, graphics that are still excellent to this day, and loads of unlockable shit.

    What makes it very interesting for me is that you can actually "brake" in the game by holding the brake button and the accelerator together. This meant that you could get around stages without having to constantly powerslide. Of course powersliding was brilliant, but you had the choice to brake if you wished, which added a layer of strategy to the gameplay. Braking became very important when racing the fastest classes of cars. Its a pity that you can't break effectively in the new 3D version.

    I would give a second place to the excellent PSP launch title. I love Ridge Racer on the PSone as I adore the original Ridge City track. Of course Ridge Racer 4 is great and I enjoy playing Revolution also.

    Great series. Not as good as Sega Rally games at their best but not far off.
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