#7460040, By ChthonicEcho If dreams came true. Games you'd like to see developed...

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    Planescape: Torment 2, with as little combat as possible. It's the unnecessary, tacked on and poorly implemented combat that resulted in PS:T selling poorly at the time. Replace Torment with another subtitle, throw in a new protagonist into Sigil and subsequently the other planes, throw in another arc question, and voilą. If CDProjekt and Obsidian worked together on it, it would be nothing short of great.

    An action/adventure starring Doctor Who would be pretty nice. Place him at the very end of his journey (and time itself) to avoid continuity concerns, make it revolve largely around puzzle solving and running a lot, introduce dialogue choices that result in consequences, make sure you can say "But that's impossible!" in response to anything and everything, and you have a winner.

    And, of course, The Longest Journey 2 in action/adventure/RPG form. If I am to dream, dream I shall. Dreamfall 2 is possibly even higher than Episode Three on my list, but I'd rather see a new slate, new characters, new story, a reintroduction of the two worlds... It'd be great if you could switch between two characters at almost any time; Starkian character would revolve around puzzle solving and platforming, whereas the Arcadian character would be typical fantasy RPG.
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