#7478843, By teh_MBK Games I don't get and ones I secretly love.

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    Having played them, I don't get Mass Effect 1 or 2 (a friend convinced me the second was better...), I just can't get with the story at all, it's boring for me.

    HALO: CE on PC (tried after halo 2 on 360 to see if it was any better) and HALO2 on 360 weren't very appealing, again, storyline is mediocre imo, though some of the settings were quite inventive. Also, the game play was just run of the mill shooter, this is the part I really don't get about the HALO series, I get the impression fans seem to think it was revolutionary in some way. The mind boggles.

    Can't really think of any games I'm too embarrassed to say I like. I guess hacking games like Uplink and the Digital Hazard/Blue Sky series fall into the category when I speak to more casual gamers as on the surface they are a bit...nerdy. I like the immersion and occasional intensity of beating the clock.
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