#7478926, By Lawrens Games I don't get and ones I secretly love.

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    craigy wrote:
    Never understood the appeal of Halo. Shitty looking aliens and guys who never take their helmets off?

    Are those the reasons why you didn't like it?

    The art did turn me off though, color palette and dorky aliens reminds me of dragon ball. Not that there's anything wrong with dragon ball. I did like Halo 3, but never put in much time on Halo back in the days.

    I have quite a few games I just don't "get", Assassin's creed, WoW, I could understand why people like mmo though but I just never had the chance to get to the fun part in WoW, as for AC, it was just really boring because of the combat and poor missions, and the 3 retarded enemy "types" that you could stab in the face with the hidden blade, the variety (gadgets) gets old and there's no depth in both stealthing and combat when the AIs were retards.

    I don't secretly love anything, maybe the party aspects in FFXI and FFXIV, I could grind all day in those games even though I hated everything about FFXIV.
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