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    I don't get:
    Bioshock. Now I didn't finish it, stopping halfway, so it may have all opened up afterwards, but for a game that was touted as having an incredible story exposition, I found it all pretty standard fare FPS tropes. Within two minutes you're already shooting something horrible, you have to traverse endless corridors and the story is told via audio tapes that are o so conveniently lying around in sequential order. Just meh. (wasn't inclined to go further either because I already read the book)


    Agree with Bioshock whole heartedly, I even found the controls to be mheh at best.


    For me, Bioshock was all about the atmosphere of Rapture and the awesome twist. It was also one of the first FPS titles I'd played in a long time that had the audio log thing, so it didn't bother me too much. I WANT TO TAKE THE EARS OFF!!!!

    Dragon Age. That is, I don't understand the fanboys. There were some interesting story bits where the game tried to do something different (the fade), the rest was just so incredibly cookie cutter.. The game mechanics were completely derivative and the environments too. People raving about the Deep Roads, but god there was no end to that thing and wave and wave of the same enemies. In fact the whole game overstayed its welcome by quite a bit. The nerd rage where Bioware was berated for the sheer audacity of suggesting different game mechanics than the ones we had been doing over and over was completely lost on me.

    Although I enjoyed the game, it is a bit of a grind on normal. Needs to be cranked up to harder difficulties so you have to think about your fights like in Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. The reason that Dragon Age 2 got a "nerd rage" bashing was because (as far as I can tell, I haven't played the full game personally) of the enemy spawns, repetitive environments, poor story/role playing aspects and ridiculously short cool downs on area of effect abilities (I experienced this in the demo and found it removed any need to be tactical). There are probably other things, I haven't followed the game too closely since I played the demo, just checked the forum thread a couple of times to see what people thought.
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