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    My first proper mission.

    SP-CO5 Gone in 40
    Mission Editor Folder If you want to tinker. Extract to: %My Documents%\Arma 3 Alpha - Other Profiles\%ProfileName%\missions

    It's a stealth raid, you can completely ghost it solo quite easily if you watch the patrols. Make your presence known and the AI is pretty damn good at sweeping out and finding you with their amazing alert-o-vision.

    There are things to add and fix. I couldn't get explosives to go into vehicle cargo, but could get them into ammo crates. I've been pulling my hair out and my only conclusion is that it's a bug and you can't add 'Put' class 'Magazines' into vehicles. It just means that the target vehicles are empty and although 180 anti-personnel land mines would be interesting to play with, it's not vital for the mission.

    I'd like to add player-count dynamic difficulty, in both AI level and enemy count. I also want a 'popcorn' script (Akin to what ACE2 adds) that you can call in a vehicle init and when the vehicle dies it counts up the in-cargo munitions and fuel and detonates it pseudo-randomly wrt time across a bell curve. maybe even add some nice particles. That way a vehicle loaded with ammo and explosives would make a ton of noise over a period of time with a major flare up or two.

    Might also add a script to watch if your boat spends too much time near the wave crests close to shore and then trigger an enemy response. That way you are encouraged to surf the wave troughs coming in.

    Feedback is welcomed. Not tested in MP yet, the add to cargo functions should only run on the server and get synced to clients, but it's not been tested.

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