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    Now with =BTC= Revive 0.6 (very slightly modified by me). Zip file contains mission pbo and the editor files.

    When you die you will end up lying on the ground, any friendly player with a First Aid Kit can revive you (Does not work with AI). You also have the option of respawning.

    Upon respawn you will find yourself a distance away from the battle, with a porta-loo in front of you. Wait a bit and you will get an action menu item appear when you are near the porta-loo. Use it and you will be moved into one of the boat's passenger locations. (By default it moves you near the boat but it doesn't use the getSafePos function and so you can end up inside scenery, I changed it). There are only 4 passenger seats in the boat so the teleport will fail if they are occupied.

    You should also respawn with the kit you died with. However, any magazines loaded into weapons will be lost. This is a limitation with Arma 3 where there is currently no way to find out if a weapon has a loaded magazine or not.

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