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    monkehhh wrote:
    Worth noting you can switch to the beta version of the alpha (!), so you can try the newer broken things earlier. Bohemia do love to patch :)
    Or not, as the Alpha Release Build has just been updated to match the Alpha Development Build (Steam Beta).

    I'd suggest staying with the Release version as all the missions I have tried have been built in that. The new release version has had some class names changed. The Ifrits all had 'Galkin' in their class name, it has now been changed to 'Ifrit'. So any mission with an Ifrit will no longer load.

    You can fix this by unpacking the mission PBO file (Search for Kegety's Tools), and then doing a Find and Replace in the mission.sqm and any other script that uses the reference. Then you can either re-PBO or load it in the editor and re-export.

    The other class name changes are to do with the naming of OpFor clothing. Any mission directly referencing the class will need fixing. Most magic-box and paper-doll scripts will still work as they build their object arrays by crawling through the class trees. It means that they grab every child class on each branch they call and makes them future-proof. Fine for big dynamic missions, but not good for crafting small balanced affairs.

    I've already fixed my mission:

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