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    Tiger_Walts wrote:
    To shorten the development time on mission creation, the F3 Mission Framework is one option.

    There's still a lot of work required but it's got a lot of stuff pre-configured or in template form waiting to be amended.
    Stuff like that is pretty helpful, nice find. I do wish though that this stuff was integrated properly into the editor via modules etc. People who want to code the complex stuff should be able to do so, but there should be a feature set designed for 'lite' use, something to take care of the basics for users who aren't willing to dive so deep.

    Modules for tasks, briefings and simple but frequently used stuff like heli insertions, halo drops and the like would make such a massive difference, especially with the thousands of new, relatively inexperienced players coming to the game after DayZ. The existing modules like support etc are great, just wish they could expand them more!

    I'd be tempted to make a feedback thread over on the A3 forums if I didn't think it was just a pipedream.

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