#7508306, By Bloobat hey Guys

  • Bloobat 27 May 2011 19:50:56 942 posts
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    hey guys :)

    Been a member here a while but just thought i would post in the forums for once :D

    Just showing you guys if any of you enjoy MW2 montages (I know there is ALOT of cod hate in the comment sectios of trailers) then you could watch my new ps3 montage here:


    enjoy it and please give me some feedback as its my first MW2 vid (my other vid being the insane just cause 2 bus stunt on my old account)

    thanks for watching

    I will not be buying MW3, as I think BF3 looks way better and I love BFBC2 :) but MW2 for me was great ( apart from UMp's)

    anyway thanks

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