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    brokenkey wrote:
    Just finished reading the first book whilst on holiday. Can someone wiser than me answer the following questions?
    1. Was there any relevance in Robert saying that he'd arranged that Lysa's son was going off to be the ward of Tywin (page 41), but Lysa and someone else both insisting to the Starks that the child was going off to be the ward of Stannis?

    2. Who were the two people Arya saw in dungeons of Red Keep on page 333, discussing Ned's progress towards discovering the secret of Robert's children?

    I'm sure someone wiser than me can give the correct answer, but:
    1. Can't remember the part, but at a guess he'd be killed if he went to Tywin. (But Robert doesn't know that.)

    2. Varys (the spider) was one of them. The other I don't know.
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