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    LOL! It's just so funny how hate and bashing turns out into love and probably more sales for Microsoft, before i was looking at everyone bashing out Windows 8 and now they're all using it ! :p
    Anyways, i've came here to this topic to talk about my Windows 8 experience, i wasn't dissapointed at all, the ModernUI works just fine with Keyboard/Mouse and it just needs no more than two days to get used to completely (luckly i've already tried the RTM release so i was totally ready for the interface change) Live tils are pretty awesome and the way MS arranged everything to look beautiful but not annoyingly colorful is outstanding !

    As Zune in Windows 7, i fell in love of the XBOX Music app, some might say it's RAM consuming but come on... it has a lot of Visual effects going on and it does actually use a lot of the GPU acceleration goodness that the ModernUI API offers, to be honest 200Mo for a fairly beautiful music app isn't bad at all and if you have a multimedia keys on your keryboard you can actually Play/Pause next/previous track or even adjust the volume and looking at the status of your "Playing now" (name of the song, the artist, level of volume...etc) and it's just rediculously efficient, didn't even dream to have a music app like that, so freak'in cool !
    One other thing i loved about this thing is the ppl app, i can keep track of my Google, LinkedIN, Facebook and Twitter account just with the people app, it doesn't offer eveything the browser version of these social networks have to offer, but at least all of my basic stuff like (RT, Like, Favorite, Share...etc) they are all basically there and easily reachable with no hassle what so ever.

    So everyone saying that the ModernUI sucks for K/M... you didn't really try it, practice on it and your productivity will even increase over last versions of Windows ;-)

    Desktop wise, it behaves very very well, even better than Windows 7 in which more RAM is consumed, and i have instability issues when i run CPU-intensive games like FIFA or Battlefield 3, for guys like me who don't have a very powerful CPU and only a limited amount of RAM, Windows 8 is the real deal, it's a better proposition than Windows 7 or Windows Vista (yeah it does work quite well with updates...), gaming, programs, and everything behaves as it should not to mention that i even could run my Windows 7 64 bits printer drivers on it with no hassle even though my printer's manufacturer (and i'm not giving any names because there's no drivers, and no metro app what so ever...) didn't support it, not to mention that even having an old HDD it does seem to manage its cache and the actual responsiveness bettet than previous Windows did, boot times are also significantly lesser...

    Overall i'm incredibly impressed, the ModernUI is no mess for me i'm getting quite used to it :)

    It's probably a pain to read all of my reply, but at least i've made my point, Windows 8 is the most perfect Windows release so far and there's no doubt about it ;-)

    And yeah i'm not working for Microsoft i'm just tell'in ya what i think about it !
    Got the Windows 8 Pro version BTW ! :-P

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