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    So guys, um... i think Windows 8 is a really exciting OS, i've had the time to try it and i liked, and that's mostly the reason why i like hanging out here, you know... potentially helping ppl with their problems that they're having, a little bit OT but yeah... let's put all that aside.
    I'm quite curious to know whether all the apps that guys want are on the Windows Store ?
    For me it's not that big of a deal, browser's versions of all the stuff i need are basically improving and sometimes even providing better experience that what usual Android and iOS apps are providing, and with HTML5 being a much widespread standard it just makes it run like a native app, no big deal, and since Windows 8 is as any version of Windows fully capable ro tun x86/x64 software it's not that much of a concern for me, but still, i would really like to hear from all of you if you are actually happy with what the Windows Store is providing, and basically if it doesn't what's the app it's missing to make your ModernUI experience pretty much there where it needs to be.

    Also there has been recently a post in the blog of Windows showing the personalization gallery and it's just beautiful, loved what they did with the dual screen configs !

    Check it out pretty cool stuff there ! :)

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