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    There's some great stuff there, but how the arse can you customise the Start screen? All the themes are for desktop mode, and there seems to be no way to customise the Start Screen outside of stock
    That's actually one of the stuff i was wondering about when they gave these limited options to customize the start screen (although there are choices to please everyone) but i think it's more of a the uniformity of the interface and API difficulties they could encounter if they have a much more personlized start screen, to be honest i can't find the right color and the right combination for the start screen on my Windows 8 PC, i was switching btw blue and purple these days and i really can't make up my mind... but i think it's for the good and the uniformity of the interface, and it works just fine.

    Although Desktop still plays a big role in Windows 8 even thought it's not that emphasised on by Microsoft, so yeah desktop is still also a pretty big deal for me, and making it look beautiful is definitely something important to me !

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