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    Dirtbox wrote::mad:
    Yeah, that would be it. The minimum res is stupidly high considering the amount of hardware that can't support it, and there's no reason whatsoever that it shouldn't.
    I have to disagree with you, the minimum requirement for metro apps is 1024x768 which is what most if not all ppl are having on their PCs even CRT screens which some of them can simulate higher resolutions in their panels (so pinning apps to the sides even with some lost pixels won't be an issue) , to pin apps on one of the sides you need a 1360x768 as a min requirement, Microsoft justified this by saying that 320 pixels is a familiar resolution to developpers who worked on mobile apps and they can provide the similar set of dense packed info by using it wisely, not to mention that Metro UI also factors in the size of the screen, so ModernUI app can scale accordingly !
    So yeah the minimum requirements are pretty much compatible with any PC outthere (with the exception being netbooks) and to get the most out of it be sure to have the latest graphics card driver installed.

    OT :-P :
    Don't tell me you put that worm avatar just to bother me... :lol::mad:
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