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    Dirtbox wrote:
    @Lyserberg I'm talking about netbooks with a 1024x600 resolution. And many laptops, mine included is under 13k x whatever. So you're talking shit.
    For one thing, yeah i know you're talking about netbooks, but i don't like that fact that you're bashing them just for having a "reasonnable" screen requirement, and for the other, i'm not talking about outdated notebooks which are no longer produced or have 15 inchs screen with 1024x768 resolutions (looking at the space between pixels is just brutal...), and still ModernUI apps run just fine on these screens, it's just the pinning on the side feature that needs those extra pixels.
    Most web pages are based on a 1024 horizontal assets, so imagine if i let you pin apps without having these extra pixels to spare + some programs only work on 1024x768... it can actually only show half of your web page/software and it would look totally useless and pretty pointless, Microsoft knew what they were doing by only allowing the guys who have 1360x768 to use this feature, because it is still able to let them browse the web, use apps without any disturbing from these functions
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