#9782783, By Windows 8

  • Deleted user 16 August 2013 22:54:22

    When you highlighted the point about win 8 being unintuitive that all seems well and good on the surface; if the tasks people can't find weren't needing a command line or equally buried feature in all competing Oses. It isn't ideal that some features get contextually hidden in a redesign, but UI design consistency sets a tough bar for them that requires consistency.

    I've been using windows since version 2.0 with the pif file editor(program information files) to produce the docucentrinc ability most users don't even know what it is called and so have had to endure many a UI change that haven't always been worth it, but speaking from quite a few months of Windows 8 experience I think this one has a bigger payoff than the shift from Windows 3.0 to Windows 95.

    Anyone can say windows 8 is shit, but I doubt many developers or IT professionals would say the same after extensive use and gaining familiarity and appreciating the flow of UI changes.
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