#7869857, By trainedmonkey Keep getting logged out

  • trainedmonkey Staff 19 Aug 2011 11:51:33 42 posts
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    I've not been able to replicate this and I use Chrome almost exclusively.

    This could be a DNS caching problem on your OS or browser. We have moved the site to a new network, but to avoid downtime have kept it running on the old network too. People are moving over to the new one as the DNS changes propagate. Your ISPs nameservers that you're using may be inconsistent as some ISPs are quite clueless about propagating DNS changes.

    None of that should affect cookies and result in getting logged out, but it's the only recent change, so it's a likely suspect.

    Try emptying the cache in chrome (may as well get rid to cookies at the same time). Also try flushing your DNS cache on your OS (ipconfig /flushdns on windows I think).

    To get round clueless ISPs you can try using Google's public DNS servers.
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