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    Vertical Stand wrote:
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    Fuck me, there's some real butthurt going on in here from a bunch of no-mark posters. Khab's a class act, the SDF accusing him of trolling and asking for the thread to be locked are hilarious.

    Khab: I'm not surprised, absolutely everyone back in 2007 complains about all the downloading and installing you have to do on the PS3.

    Seems like the only one butthurt here is you. Pissing in the wind thread got pissed on. Mostly in jest, cept Stompy who entered like the Fonz but jumped the shark and was called out for it by RedSparrows. If it came across as more than that its only because this section has been turned to shit this past month and people want to get it back on track.

    And don't pull that ID nonsense here because if anything a senior member should know to read up and use the search function beforehand. If not then this will happen everywhere on this board, members will get ripped for bringing up old discussion, creating list and other unoriginal threads when there is nothing new to be gained from them.

    At most you mention frustration with a particular feature such as installs in passing during a post and then move on to dicuss the game at hand.

    This thread was about me asking for things I'd missed and that would help me enjoy my PS3 purchase more - something which it actually attained, with me realising one can queue downloads and installs. It was also intended to open up discussion on whether the apparent inferiority of PSN to Xbox Live is hurting Sony, but I didn't get there.

    Also, I thought Stompy was the only one who was actually funny in his pisstake, all the other were just trying to rip me a new one for the sake of it - their heart wasn't in it. That's not the EG way!
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