#509009, By Robes Any EG'ers on Halo 2 Live Right Now?

  • Robes 12 Nov 2004 08:30:00 149 posts
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    Is it just me or has Halo 2 got the most poorly implemented xbox live setup yet? Search for 2-3 minutes (sometimes more) for a game that lasts 5 minutes and then you have to search again. Why oh why couldn't they just let you stay in the same room and move on to the next map? I just can't be bothered playing it online because too much time is spent sitting at the screen watching the numbers grow from 1 - 4.

    Couple this with the spastically thought out optimatch and it ruins it. Why can't I search for a CTF game? What if I hate Oddball? I've only managed to play on 2 bloody maps so far!

    Personally I think it's a crock of shit.
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