#9020037, By tictac132 Dust 514

  • tictac132 20 Sep 2012 15:02:51 100 posts
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    I'm still going to give Dust a chance when the full game is released, but so far I haven't enjoyed it.

    I've tried to look beyond the crazy steep learning curve and attempted to just play. Now, I'm slightly better than average (IMO) at FPS', but the marketplace system has so far given me a distinct disadvantage. Because I find the loadouts and customisation so confusing I haven't been able to fully utilise it. Hence, I die... a lot.

    I, too, find the maps huge with mostly one on one battles and I've not seen the benefits of the vehicles so far.

    I'm sure when, or if, it runs a lot more smoothly the whole thing will be better, but it still feels like a good idea at the moment rather than anything concrete.
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