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  • Luciferasi 26 Nov 2012 11:35:54 2 posts
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    I'll add my two ISK... well, cents.

    I'm a EVE player and I found Dust a bit weird. I find it complex without a real reason. EVE is complex because you can effectively do a lot of different things, so it's ok, you just have to learn a bit, it doesn't spoon-feed you, but at the beginning you are really "safe" (as safe as you can in EVE).
    Dust, on the other hand, launches you on the battlefield with very little explanation and then you die. Ok, I'm not big on FPS, but I got my fair share of Battlefield and Killzone, so I usually know how to handle it a bit.
    In Dust I've been repeatedly killed, only managing to snipe someone from to time. Close quarter combat always resulted in me dying. I stopped trying altogether. Is it such that after you get distanced with equipment, you have no hope whatsoever?

    Furthermore, it seems REALLY way behind schedule, from a technical point of view.
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