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    Skill books are going to be rebalanced and another respec is incoming, as it is now it's a far bigger time sink than EVE to get anywhere.

    You can be fairly effective in a Tech II (advanced stuff) Assault Frigate in a month in EVE, and that includes being able to equip tech II modules to it. A month of solid playing in Dust will get you about a million skillpoints, and that's not even enough to max out a basic suit never mind the skills needed to be able to use any modules on it.

    If they introduced a Minmatar Assault Dropship or Amarr Enforcer tank or Caldari Heavy suit right now, it would be at least two months before you saw anyone using one and they wouldn't be able to use it well.

    They've managed to make an FPS that's about 10 times more of a time sink and unfriendly to noobs as EVE is.

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