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    Derblington wrote:
    Schmove wrote:
    I find the progress dots are a great measure of how well you're doing relatively. If it weren't for them I'd probably just be cruising through the tracks 3 or faults at a time, whereas now i feel a stronger urge to keep restarting and put in a better performance on each track. The bar at the top of the screen didn't have that immediacy, great addition in my opinion.
    I'm the opposite, the old system gave me the same measure but kept it out of my way. Having a dot and a name bouncing all over my rider is really fucking distracting, to the point that I want to turn it off but that'll mean I'm losing all competition. I'd really like an option to go back to the old system, it worked perfectly.
    Ah, guess it's just a matter of taste, in the meantime you'll just have to keep ahead of those dots! :D
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