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    Sod those pipes!

    Anyway, I've managed to get a bit of time with the new dlc and it is another great add-on for Evo.
    My only niggle would be that the easier tracks have a slightly harder platinum target to what we've been used to in the past. No major problem but I was up late last night trying to get the plat on the second easy track and even though I finally managed it I don't think there is enough soap in the world to clean my mouth out with.

    All the tracks seem to have a great flow and I'm looking forward to getting the plats on a number of them which I probably do tonight once the mediums are delt with.
    One or two of the hard tracks seem harder than one or two extreme tracks I've played through the series, reminds me of King of the Hill from HD, that track should have been a starting extreme track.

    There is a lot of fun and frustration to be had with the 400 points it cost, I don't think you will find better value for money on the whole market place.
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