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  • jakuande 24 Sep 2012 10:13:14 192 posts
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    Picked this up based on the dev team being ex Blizzard North types, so far its great fun : I already prefer the way they've done the items over D3, plenty of useful upgrades and interesting effects, set items dropping/ being rewarded regularly and unique items dropping after a couple of hours play. I also like the return of allocating skill and stat points, I actually enjoy having something to do every level that has a lasting impact on the way my character plays. Level design is fun and varied and I really like the random sidequest dungeons, each with a proper boss too.

    Having said that, I agree that normal really is a bit too easy. At level 11 I realized I hadn't used a single potion on my oulander and never put any points in vitality. I started a new ember mage on veteran and found it much better : thank god we don't have to play through the whole game to change the difficulty level!
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