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    The Wii U is not a "lone gamer" console. Nintendo wanted it to be the successor to the Wii and take over family duties; as such it is doing a good job. Problem is they haven't actually told anyone...perfect example is the update to Wii Sports Club and nobody bothered to tell anyone.

    No doubt it would be a horrible situation for the average hardcore type if the Wii U was their only console but come on, how many of us actually believed it was ever going to be a primary device? Nintendo hardware has been the "other console" since N64/PS1 days. Some amazing exclusives and not much else is their strategy, anyone expecting more has been disappointed for at least two generations.

    Fact is it works. Get the McConsole experience with loads of "AAA" on the big boys' machines then settle in to a good meal on your Nintendo every once in a while. No problem with that for me, I know that I can still sit my family down to Mario World/Kart and have loads of fun without worrying about internet fucktards or DLC shite ruining the experience.

    TL;DR: Nintendo still targeting families, just not sure families know.
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