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    markyHD wrote:
    Razz wrote:
    How are they going to stream content to more than one controller, in all the demos we've only seen one WU controller used.

    It actually uses normal Wii accessories, so Wii motion plus etc. I think the idea is that the tablet offers an additional experience/feature set on top of the control setup everyone is used to, rather than 4 of us sitting there with little screens. I doubt they come cheap so they couldn't have relied on the screens for the primary control method in say 4 player mario kart type games.

    That's the genius of this... they DO come cheap. Partly because the screens can be purchased in massive bulk, but also because the controller is a totally dumb device... there's no CPU/GPU or any internal stuff... its just a screen and a battery. Nintendo are confident they can sell them very cheaply, and their vision is that every member of the household has their own controller, that works wirelessly throughout the house. So Timmy can surf the web in his bedroom, streaming from the Wii U, and if the parents want to check what he's looking at, at any time, on their own screens or even on the TV if they want.

    Unless the pitch my employers have been getting is completely wrong, of course, but so far its been spot on.
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