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    Depressing, no wonder ME3 is going the way it is with the pathetic narrow minded stupidity of gamers, soon every single game will be an FPS with mild RPG elements.

    I'll take that over waggle shit any day, which will obviously be 90% of this new console's actual output.

    How many times are people going to fall for the "THIS IS ACTUALLY FOR THE HARDCORE THIS TIME, NO REALLY!!!" smoke and mirrors trick?

    Waggle shit has a new home in the 360, the titles they focused on were completely different to the Wii launch.

    So, MS, and to some extent Sony, have taken over the only market segment of the home console market that Nintendo had an advantage in, and Nintendo's response is to release a new console that pretty much does the same thing their competetors already do, only five years too late, probably more expensive and with a nifty but gimmicky controller.

    Genius right there.
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