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    I think the lineup is fairly toss though I think the wii's was not great. Remember getting rayman rabbits and monkey ball which were toss, think I took them back. Remember having Zelda soon aft launch but was it a launch title?

    On the cube I had rogue squadron, monkey ball and wave race at launch which were great, monkey ball was just utter genius, but I was happy with all of them.

    No pikmin is the big minus for me. Not convinced by zombie u, looks like it has red steel written all over it. And didnt really like the 2d mario on wii, so im ducking the update. I'm going to get one at launch with nintendoland and then see what reviews well, and then just catch up with all the wii titles I never had time for. Still got to work through skyward sword. Also since it will be a Christmas buy I will have fun rediscovering all the multiplayer goodness of mariokart and wii sports with the family. I loved the wii despite the gaps in great games, and I'm glad I will have a lot of controllers, a lot of unplayed wii games and some great virtual console games ready to go regardless of the launch line up. Backward compatibility stops that stuttered start that consoles used to have.

    There's a lot of good stuff in the pipeline and that tablet looks really interesting, especially a demo of all the tv features that will be available. The only thing I'm worried about is that they will fuck up online again, but to be honest I will always buy a Nintendo console for the first party stuff and I doubt I will be disappointed with that. Bought the last three Nintendo consoles at launch, and I won't stop now. It's about the only thing that makes me feel like a kid again, it's a good bit of of nostalgia at Christmas. And kinect can suck my balls (i bought one, just why?) the wii for local multiplayer and party games remains unmatched.

    Looking forward to a fun Christmas.
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