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    Everyone seems to be saying otherwise but I'm fairly certain the Gamepad itself needs the sensor bar. Can't get my head around how it would allow you to use it as a pointer / cursor without one.

    And if you look at Gamepad demo videos you see a sensor bar above the screen. Also if you read the Gamepad specs it has an IR receiver. How's that get its tracking data if it isn't pointed a sensor bar above or below your TV?
    I imagine the idea is that given the touchscreen, you won't need to use the Gamepad as a pointer. Even if you do, it's possible to use a pointer without a sensor bar the same way Skyward Sword did it.

    The "IR Sensor strip" in the specs is apparently an IR transmitter that allows you to use the Gamepad as a remote control for your TV, hence the TV button at the bottom of the pad.
    Fair enough, but then doesn't it strike you as odd that they'd bundle in a sensor bar in the premium bundle (and basic bundle in the US/Japan)?

    The post E3 Gamepad specs-sheet I'm looking at literally says "Uses Wii U sensor bar to track and determine 3D position"


    Hopefully Nintendo wil provide some clarity on all this stuff in the 9 weeks before launch.
    That link makes no mention of the Geomagnetic Sensor. They likely assumed the sensor bar would be required to create a fixed position for the Gampad to orient itself off, but the Geomagnetic sensor should be able to do that.

    Like neilka says, the Gamepad will work like Skyward Sword does, by relying solely on gyroscopes to simulate pointing and aiming. However with the Geomagnetic Sensor it shouldn't require any configuring or reconfiguring / re-centring.

    They've shown gameplay and demos which suggest this is the case. There was that google street view style demo where you could point the Gamepad in any direction to view the world from any angle on the Gamepad, meaning the Gamepad wouldn't always be pointed at the sensor bar or it's line of sight with the sensor bar might be blocked by your body. Doesn't ZombiU allow you to enter scanning mode and scan all around you rather than just the area visible on the TV?

    As for the sensor bar. I wonder if WiiU titles actually use it anymore or if they rely solely on Wiimote Motion+ like Skyward Sword? The sensor bar may just be for backwards compatibility with Wii software.
    I hope that's not the case though, because I thought Wiimote pointing / aiming using the sensor bar was more accurate and satisfying than the Motion+ only approach used in Skyward Sword.

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