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  • Deleted user 15 September 2012 19:45:36
    PhoenixFlames wrote:
    CrispyXUK wrote:
    The wii or wii games? odd question, what games do you like, etc.
    Both really. The Wii remote was fun to start with but got boring. Also, the games just seem to be shovelware aimed at very young kids.

    Will this be any different?
    I don't think that was Nintendo's fault. 3rd parties underestimated the success of the Wii. Nintendo look to have gone to more trouble this time around to reduce the problem. Whilst Batman and ME3 already exist on other systems it's good to see Nintendo reaching out to resolve it.

    As usual, we'll see. I'm going to wait until there are enough games I want out for it, guessing I'll be thinking more seriously about getting one in 2014.
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