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    higgins78 wrote:
    malloc wrote:
    There don't look to be any triple A titles on release. I think this is fair to give people a good taster of what's coming and allow 3rd party games to have a shot and find their niche without major first party competition.

    I hope it doesn't bomb and Nintendo panic. That said poor sales of the 3DS at launch was probably the best thing that happened for it, look at it now.
    I wouldn't say that was strictly true, that "their dont look to be any triply A titles on release". Sure, if you have - like me - had the fortune (or greed) of owning either a PS3 or 360 as a companion to the Wii this gen then yes, you may have played Arkham City, Assassins Creed III, Darksiders II, Mass Effect 3 and Black Ops II, but if you haven't as these will be your first play...

    We also have Epic Mickey 2, ZombieU, Scribblenauts and New Super Mario U, while probably not AAA material, I would say these coupled with titles previously mentioned make it a fairly meaty choice of titles. Let us not forget how poor PS3 and 360 launch games were in comparison...
    Totally agree, I meant triple A first party titles, hence Nintendo 'allowing' 3rd party games to have a shot.

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