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    richardiox wrote:
    Yes, but the numbers and pixels discussion is very relevant. It's the reason the Wii didn't have any UE3 or Rockstar games. You can pretend power is irrelevant to gaming but the fact is, without (enough) grunt the software library of a console can be stunted.

    A Wii-only gamer is locked out of experiencing GTA, Red Dead, Burnout etc etc. that can never be a good thing.

    The risk/concern with WiiU/next gen Sony&MS is that the WiiU's seemingly weak CPU will mean it won't be able to run GTA5/6, Red Dead 2, Just Cause 3 etc
    Developers don't just simply say "I want a game that looks ~this~ good so therefore the game will be on X platforms". They will use whatever platform they think has the largest audience for their game.

    If the next Xbox and PlayStation are too expensive then they lose out on install base. I can see publishers risking 1 or 2 games on a new platform but if it barely breaks even or worse then I see those platforms losing long term support.

    Don't forget that games have become increasingly expensive to make. Not in terms of the equipment needed to buy to make them, but the hours and number of people it takes. Yet we still expect to pay the same amount for these games. So creating assets of even higher quality than this generation means even more man hours than ever.

    So if there is this huge jump in power from Microsoft and Sony how will the developers recoup the cost of development?
    1. Increase the price of the game
    2. Use a theme with mass market appeal + DLC + tried and true gameplay mechanics (something we are already seeing this generation)

    So power is relevant, but is only part of a much larger picture.

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