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    @higgins78. Propaganda? What? I went crazy and looked on that obscure little known site called amazon. It took about 15 seconds. 89 with some mario and sonic game.

    @Duvadan88. I got the most love out of Smash Bros, Mariokart, both Galaxies and Wii Sports Resort (Wii Sports is also good for tennis and boxing if you can pick it up cheap) Some people didn't get on with Twighlight Princess but I enjoyed it a lot, though it did feel a bit similar to Ocarina of Time. If you never used a Playstation Move then you will probably enjoy the light gun games- Ghost Squad and Dead Space are stand outs. Not sure what will be available at launch on the Eshop but there is a lot of N64 goodness to get, Lylat Wars, Ocarina of Time, Mario 64.

    Depends what you are after, if it's more solo play then Xenoblade, Okami, The Last Story are all worth a look. If you have never played Resi 4 then it's one of the best games ever IMHO. If you are having a lot of family and friends round then Mariokart, Wii Sports, Wii Play (a bit of a marmite game but I had a lot of fun with friends), a dance game, Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics and (for people who play games) Smash Bros are all grand. I probably had as much fun with Smash Bros as any other game but people either like it or hate it; a lot of the time you will sit down and people just won't get it and will complain. If you get a few players who like it though, it's magical.

    Pikmin 2 is a great coop game. Also downloads like Bomberman Blast, Tetris, Art of Balance. If you have to have a shooter Goldeneye was tolerable though compared to PS360 shooters a bit of a let down; ok local multiplayer though.

    You probably already did this but I just go to Metacritic and see what's in the top list that looks good. There's also some of the random stuff that's good, Sakura Wars, Sin and Punishment, Endless Ocean, Zak and Wiki. I still have love for Excite Truck.

    If I had to condense a lot of shit into two standouts I would say Galaxy 2 for single player (you have that i know) and Wii Sports Resort for casual, family round multiplayer. If you have friends who game then it's Mariokart, if you can get the right people Smash Bros is unbeatable.
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