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    Well personally I'm gutted, I'm a big Ninty fan but it really seems to me that this console is unfinished, which is odd as they've had a long time to nail it. I know they released an update straight away, but to have most of the online features not ready for v1.0 is just ridiculous. Then the reports of sluggish OS, crap ports, shocking battery life amongst others bugs and issues is just depressing. How much money and time have they had to plow into this thing to get it right?

    The fact it's not-quite-as-good-as / about-as-good-as / maybe-a-bit-better-than (depending on who you believe) the 360 and PS3 in terms of power is a shame to me. I know Nintendo aren't all about power and I'm with them on that, but they had a chance here to at least nudge the Wii U into post-Current Gen territory, if not true next gen. As it is, the console is now going to be compared directly to the 360 and PS3 in all regards, especially with ports and multiplatform releases, and I fear it will come up inferior for the foreseeable. Was the slight cost-cutting on components really worth it?

    I know I will 100% buy one eventually, I'm a sucker for 1st party Ninty games and will most likely buy when the next 3D Mario and / or Zelda comes out (I may even be tempted earlier by Pikmin and Wonderful 101), but I was hoping for more... a lot more if I'm honest. Today, I am sad.
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