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    Raiko101 wrote:
    I played on a Wii U today! :) I don't know why, but the controller is smaller than I imagined. Even though i've seen it in peoples hands and next to a 3DS. It's got curves for the hand as well, which I never really noticed in the screen shots. It makes it nice and comfy to hold. It's not as light as I imagined, though that might have something to do with the bolted metal cord that wants to pull it out of your hands. The screen is crystal clear though. It's not as colourful, but it still looks bright and clear. No jaggies either!

    The only game I could play was Rayman Legends, which was fine because it meant my girlfriend could play along with me. I didn't realise but unless you touch the Gamepad screen, you play as a 5th standard character. Some large lady with an axe or something, which was fine, but I wanted to see what the fly character was going to be like.

    It's an odd experience with the fly guy. You don't do as much as the standard characters and so you're never really challenged. You're not really as involved as a standard character. Rather you just support them. It's quite a passive experience. A nice role to play if you're trying to help a more casual gamer play through the game.

    One final note, if the Gamepad screen goes black, you notice the smudgy finger marks straight away. Blurgh.
    Screw the touchpad, what were your thoughts on the main screen gaming experience?

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