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    I'd expect someone posting on a site called Eurogamer has more than a passing interest in gaming. The 8gb is not really the console for them...it's for the mums who don't know any better.
    Anyone with "more than than a passing interest in gaming" will fill up the 32GB soon enough, considering the full game downloads... practically every Wii U review has made that point. This is where using external drives comes in, meaning the difference between the 8GB and 32GB is pretty redundant in terms of storage long term. The only reason I'd consider the 32GB is for the the pro controller and NintendoLand.
    Sorry, the pro controller doesn't come packaged in the Wii U premium, for that you need to buy the Zombie Wii U premium. Anyhow, even owning the 32Gb version I imagine that anyone with "more than a passing interest in gaming" should fill up that in next to no time, so buying an external hard drive at some point seems inevitable whichever way you go.
    Seriously? Wow... makes the 32GB version even more pointless in my eyes :/
    Erm, has somebody just missed the point completely? The entire point of the Wii U is the Gamepad and its potential for future games. The pro controller is simply an accessory to stop the self-proclaimed "hardcore" sending death threats to Nintendo of how they fear change.
    My point was, the 32GB Premium doesn't have much going for it over the 8GB version for me, when you consider that adding external storage will a must for most serious gamers. Take out the Pro controller, the 32GB then only provides NintendoLand and that eShop cashback scheme (I don't care for the cradle). I was merely weighing up the value on offer from the packages.
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