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    I can't see why negative comments don't count as discussion tbh, let's face it, this is probably the most lacklustre launch of a major console since...woooo...not sure, for a good long while anyway. Most people don't even know its here. There is no buzz whatsoever.
    Thats a bad thing? Thing will sell so Nintendo are happy, buzz will be generated when they decide to promote it.

    Screams of avoiding Wii shortages and let word of mouth spread. 400k US people knew about it
    So you're suggesting they've released a major new product and have decided not to market it to avoid shortages?

    That's completely insane. Shortages and queues generate news headlines and make people who didn't even know the product existed want one.

    In the real world a CEO who decided not to market a new product because he didn't want it to get sold out would be out on his ass faster than the speed of light. But of course this is Nintendo we're talking about, and they simply can't do anything wrong, ever... am I right?

    PS. For the record, I loved Ninty stuff up to and including the Gamecube, but the Wii was a major disappointment. Multiplatform games are too important to miss these days, unlike in the old days when you bought consoles mostly for the exclusives.
    They sell 400k in launch week and sell out basically in one region and have not released globally and all you hear is doom and gloom articles.

    Its pathetic. Its how it sells the year prior to other two console releases thats important not after a week. If they sell 5m by April as they have suggested is that a failure?

    Seems to be a fair few games out early part on next year so judge it then

    And no Ninty can do alot wrong the Wii was all wrong but thats my own opinion

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