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    Sid-Nice wrote:
    The Wii U has failed to generate any interest to the nongaming community and people are confused to whether the Wii U is a new console or an add-on device for Nintendo’s existing console the Wii. Analyst Lance west from Thong Dong and Plonker claims “The home console industry will see a downward trend over the next generation of consoles” adding “Competition from the Android, tablet and Smart Phone markets will see a decrease in console sales.”

    Furthermore “The multimedia applications are available on a multitude of devices and the big selling features of recent console generations (DVD and Blu-Ray) media players won’t be system seller’s next gen.” In response to the Wii U West went on to say “The Wii U is a 100 too expensive for the mass market; there is very little the Wii U has to offer to justify a purchase when similar products can be bought for half that price.”
    Nice to know but as with any console software determines success

    Wii was a exception to rule and even now i bet Ninty wished they charged more
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