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    Good point! How many Developers will have the money to develop games for the next gen? Many might have a shock at the prices!
    Ive been making that point since people started mocking it fir not being next gen enough. Enough developers have gone under this gen or complained about devcosts that the next gen could make things prohibitively expensive for anything except the biggest publishers, killing diversity. If that happens, i ca see the wiiu getting a hell of a lot more support due to being cheaper to develop for.

    When a game starts costing more than a blockbuster movie but is unable to recoup its devcosts and this becomes a common problem, thewreis something wrong with the state of the medium
    Thing is. Even the 'hard hitters' are within the 20 range in a fortnightl. Outside of COD and Nintendo 1st party.

    So already, with production costs. Publishers will want a return on their investment. With rising dev costs in this gen, the next could be a nightmare. This is why Nintendo may have pulled somewhat of a coup. Keep dev costs at a lower level whilst adding a bit of gloss, and keeping them fun.

    So far I've not been disappointed with any of my games. Great thing is, when I fancy a break, I put the PS3 on for far cry.

    Those who have bemoaned much of the wiius not quite stellar but still respectable launch, will be the same ones moaning about DRM, download only, expensive games, 2 hour campaigns, and lots of hand waving next gen.
    I don't know where you are getting the impression that wii u games are going to be cheaper. Over here in Ireland they are flogging black ops for 65 euro. All the launch games are significantly higher than their current Gen counterparts.
    Only higher due to new console hike. Happens every console release.

    Games will cost more next gen and thats a fact and more devs may struggle so he Wii U may be in a good position development wise.

    Prime example Bayonetta 2

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