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    So had some friends over last night - I'd say light gamers (have consoles but wouldn't have ever visited a game forum say) none of them really knew what a Wii U was, is it just a new controller? was the general consensus.

    Anyhow after coaxing them onto 5 player nintendoland both couples want a wii U for Xmas... Mario chase and luigis mansion simple tho they may be are brilliant with a full house. Being chased by four people with 3 seconds to go on Mario is incredibly tense and fun, hearing all four of them shout as they try and track you is great - anyway played those games alone for about four hours and loved them just discovered the joy of animal crossing when time ran out (having to "shit out your sweets to survive" is not the family friendly slogan Nintendo were aiming for on this game I sense) if you have nintendoland get friends over and have a go :)
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