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    Well thanks to picking up a couple of 98p games and trading them in with some of my backlog that realistically was never going to be touched, I managed to pick up a Premium bundle with NSMBU at lunch today for 40.

    Keep hearing the 'Nintendo Magic' is back, I hope so as it would be nice to introduce my daughter to gaming with this rather then rubbish movie tie-ins.

    Just 4 hours to home time, not to long to go now.

    Definitely think the magic is back. I absolutely hated the Wii, i thought it was a load of waggle-filled bollocks, with the exception of the Super Mario Galaxy games and the Metroid trilogy.

    Straight off the bat with the WiiU, you've got NSMBU, ZombiU, Sonic All Stars, BLOPS 2, ACIII and Arkham City - so its better than the Wii ever was already!
    I completely agree!
    Me too, I realised the mistake within a day of the Wii Purchase, this I love and it's looking set to be that way for a while. The Gamepad is bloody brilliant.
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