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    Sid-Nice wrote:
    NOSAVIOUR wrote:
    It should have been called the Wii 2 and launched with Wii Sports 2 for the masses.
    That would have been perfect say “In 2010” and in 2012 bring out an all new controller (Gamepad) bundled with Nintendo Land for £150. I honestly think if Nintendo had of introduced a high definition console 2 years ago and called it Wii2 it would have sold well. Also development studios would have come to terms with the architecture by now and by introducing the Gamepad at a later date would have made the price more competitive.
    As an add on not all developers would want to only appeal to a potentially small share of the market, like move. Its the gamepad that makes this console worth owning, if it wasn't standard I wouldn't of bothered with it.
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