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    Raiko101 wrote:
    According to the activity log, I clocked in 112 hours of gaming on my Wii U in December. Why do I still feel i'm not playing games enough?

    Wii U was the only console I played in December, and I got a grand total of 38 hours. Even with remote play, my missus would go nuts if I spent 100 hours in a month gaming!

    I'm currently in the 5th Sequence on AC3 and I've got to say so far I'm absolutely loving it. The remote play on this game is wonderful, the game looks awesome on the pad screen (particularly in the snow) and it's nice to really get my teeth in to something adventure-y, to compliment NSMB and Nintendoland. Makes for a nice change of pace.

    Not sure if I'll cave and get ZombiU yet, but I think this will see me through until Rayman, and then Lego City, Pikmin and Wonderful 101 in that order.
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